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Fabricated or manufactured flaw specimens are an effective, reasonable cost alternative to real world flaw specimens which can be very expensive, limited in numbers and difficult to ascertain the true size of the flaws without destroying the sample. Waiting for demolition or deactivation of assets is not a timely option in order to train, qualify and validate qualification of NDT practitioners required to service our industry.

Flawed specimens

Custom Blocks and Mockups

Flawed specimens are entirely designed and manufactured by BCS NDT in accordance with customer requirements.

They can be used for specific NDT training on flaw detection, sizing and interpretation, for procedure development, training and performance demonstration of personnel.

All samples are supplied with:

  • As built CAD drawing which clearly identifies the flaw types, sizes and locations.
  • Flaws replicas;
  • Metrological report;
  • Certificate of conformance;

We work with large set of materials, welding processes and joint types and configurations.

Seeded Defect Welds

For specific AUT or PAUT validations and qualifications, BCS NDT can manufacture seeded defect welds characteristic of the welding process used. We are able to accommodate a variety of requests in terms of welding techniques, bevel configuration, defect types, size and locations. Defective welds can be produced using project material supplied by Customer or equivalent material grade supplied by BCS.

Discontinuities are natural, made by alteration of the welding process, or EDM machined.

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